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CMYK: Modelling for The North Face's latest drop

CMYK: Modelling for The North Face's latest drop

Growing up in Norway, The North Face has always been a staple of my streetwear (and practically warm) clothing collection. Their basement approved vibes and subtly cool designs have always been a pull for me. So when TNF asked me to model for their latest campaign - I was IN.

The CMYK collection
This collection is inspired by the four colours of the CMYK printing process: cyan, magenta, yellow and black tones. The colours are interwoven into tech fabrics to create a weather proof and vibrant collection. To promote this collection, they asked if I, as a festival photographer and content creator was interested in working with them to reflect Amsterdam’s creative scene. Uhm, hell yes. Never did my emo 15 year old self think I’d be asked to do something like this to represent a youth movement. Being asked also was a form of confimation for me that was I am currently doing is the right path for me - which also shows - if you love what you do, and you do it with conviction - you are likely to succeed. At least that’s what I’ve seen around me from the successful entrepreneurs around me and have been experiencing the past year myself.

Below are the images that The North Face shot for the collection > thanks to dreamteam duo Meis and Jip, I was a little star-struck (which I never usually am, celebrities do nothing for me), because these two shoot a ton of Dutch mag covers I recognised, and they are photography names to know in the Dutch photography scene. Following their popping is the lookbook I shot with my hubby. Also not too shabby, huh? It’s a little more moody, and we aimed to reflect that urban wear can also be worn in nature, and can still look urban AF. Did we succeed? To be fair I think we make quite the dreamteam duo too.

Which lookbook do you like better?

(aaaaaand the HIGHSNOBSOCIETY post here)

The North Face’s lookbook


Our lookbook
a little more moody and less highlighted (below):

Living in Amsterdam  - A Casual Day In My Life - ft. Kipling bags

Living in Amsterdam - A Casual Day In My Life - ft. Kipling bags

2 Looks: Styling my Silver Timberland Oxfords

2 Looks: Styling my Silver Timberland Oxfords