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my parents used to bribe me with Swatches, and I'm still a fan

my parents used to bribe me with Swatches, and I'm still a fan




Ever since I can remember, my parents semi-bribed me with Swatch watches. I mean, not anymore (I wish), but when I was younger, definitely.

Why though!?

I have fond memories of visiting Swatch shops at airports and, every time I had to move countries for my Dad's job - my borther and I were allowed to choose a new Swatch. Kind of like a rite of passage 'it's that time of year again'. It always made the idea of moving a little less difficult, I think, and gave a positive twist to having to pack up and move country - at least in young kid mentality speak. Because of this, I think I might have owned at least 10 Swatches, and what I loved about them is that most of them still work. They were always cute, lightweight, and fun - a little less seriously than all those silver and gold chained watches all us adults seem to be wearing these days. 

So, I decided to put myself back into my kid self state of mind, and figure out what I loved so much about Swatches, and that's a watch of colour, vibrance and a maybe even a little bit 'too much'. Never a bad thing if you want somehting unique - imo. So, this is the watch that I created, inspired a tad by Piet Mondrian, a renowned Dutch painter. 

What do you think? I'm a fan!
design your own Swatch x Me


This post was created in collaboration with Swatch for their Swatch x Me campaign

H&M OUTTAKES & completely NO photo retouching

H&M OUTTAKES & completely NO photo retouching