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my bangin' Zalando SUNNGLASSES GUIDE [+what's your face shape?]

my bangin' Zalando SUNNGLASSES GUIDE [+what's your face shape?]

okok, not many people know this, but I'm actually a quarter Welsh, and the Welsh, they get sunburned within 20 minutes of sitting in the sun. I swear. This also means that I have eyes that are pretty sensitive to sun, so I've always been a big of a sunglasses hoarder. As you should be!(?)

I mean, sunglasses are one of the only things you have a great excuse to hoard, they protect one of the most important things in your life, vision. I don't know about you, but I as a lover of all things visual, & being a photographer myself, I think I'd have to rethink my existence if my eyesight was damaged. Because of this, I teamed up with Zalando to create a little summer sunglasses guide of my fave frames, and how to choose the perfect frame fo yo beautiful face, yes honey, uhu uhu. 

What's your face type? Find out using the Zalando Style Guide

my face type: heart/square

Perfect for: round/square/oval faces
A fun, clean but quirky cat eye. This cat eye would probably suit most people, as it's clear colouring allows for any skin tone to shiiiiiine and, I mean, who doesn't love a good cat eye!

Perfect for: heart/oval faces
Not for the faint hearted, this frame is one for those who are hoping that the Spice Girls make a come-back, and are true 90's kids at heart. Or you just love biking! Honestly, I think there's quite a lot of charm in making 'nerdy' glasses work with a fun, flirty outfit. If you're up for a challenge, I'd suggest why not go all out and go for somethign different. Hello Matrix!

Perfect for: round/square/oval faces
If you're a lover of quality, and full coverage sunnies these are the gems for you. This frame shape works well with most face types, however, I would watch out if you have a slightly more petite frame - as it might swamp your face. 10/10 recommend if you have a more round, or square face, as this boxy frame accentuates your jawline and makes a round face look more angular. 

Perfect for: round/square/oval faces
If you're looking for a fun, simple and light frame (that isn't too expensive), this is a peach frame is a winner. No fuss and made from lightweight materials, this is the perfect frame to chuck into your beach bag or take to any festival!

Perfect for: square/oval faces
This pair is probably the pair that I am least likely to wear - because my face shape doesn't work toooooo well with them. Though I do think they're adorable! This pair has a flirty, fun air and is perfect to make a square face a little softer, as well as with an oval face. If you like the wayferer look, but want to feminise it: this is your babyyyyy. 

Perfect for: ALL FACES IMO
I genuinely believe this model is perfect for just about any face. All you have to look at is whether you have a warmer (more peach/browns) or cooler skintone (pinks) all you have to look at is whether you want silver (better for cooler imo) or gold frames. As I have green eyes and brown, reddish hair I typically go for a gold frame, as this warms up my features and adds to the golden undertones I already have. Either way, if you've never had a cat-eye, I'd say: go for it! live large! hihi.

Perfect for: ALL (again)
You can't quite see it that well here, but these frames are a little larger than your typical cat eye, and are hiiiiighly reflective. So if you're a lover of all things cateye, but want something a little more extra, check out these reflective sunnies, be warned: people will likely ask you a LOT about these sunnies, but maybe that's what you want? ;) 


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Zalando

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