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on why i've been gone and musings on creativity

on why i've been gone and musings on creativity

1. sorry. Nah, but really, I am. It's not cool to just disappear without telling you why.

2. I know, I know, I've been gone a good 2 months-ish, and been FLAKY AF on Instagram. For the first time in about 5/6 years. Not good chicka

3. Whyyyyyyyyyyhyhyhyhyhyhy???!? A couple days ago I had my final photography assessment at the Fotoacademie (Photography Academy). Basically, this was pretty fucking scary because it's what I've always wanted to do (photography, that is), and be (a photographer), since I was 14. Having a board of indivudals, who have no idea who you are, judge you on your technique and creativity, whilst also questioning your reasoning is pretty daunting. This basically means that I've been pouring all of my creative energy into creating work that's deemed worthy by their standards. By pouring my spirit into creating this work, to then get on here and write something happy go lucky, or create a fun little collage for Instagram or my blog, was just a step too far. I mean, I'd rather just not post anything than something people would see, and think 'uhhhmmmmm ok that was ab-so-lutelly-pointless!'. So = nothingness ensued. 


What have I learned from being away? 

Many people ask me how long I've been doing this gig, can you imagine, it's been about 5/6 years. Almost on the daily, be it on lookbook, deviantart, insta, facebook, tumblr, wordpress (yeah that was a thangggg), whatever. I've been 'blogging' about 5-6 years. Damn.

This is the first time in those 5-6 years I've taken such a long break. 

Crazy, huh? Basically, I've discovered I am kinda sick of my own face, and really just would love to be a full-time photographer (I do have a photography focused account @rachelecclestone ), for events, festivals, pretty, quirky peoples. Then again, I adore what I've built up and would definitely like to combine the two to continue building this platform. So, I have already started being a little more creative in my images, and please expect that to grow, and that I may experiment (and drastically fail) here and there. But your continued support would mean the world to me. 

Creativity isn't endless. To build something new, you have to see where you've gone, analyse it, take a step back and reasses: am I really happy with this? And that's what I've been doing more of, creativity is important, but it aint no botomless pit, so why try to get the bottom as quickly as possible? 

All I know is that I'm going to take my time, I'm reinvigorated (because of no more Fotoacademie stress, yasss Queen) and I hope you lovely peoples with me for the ride. 

Ps. Please do tell me if you think I get too off track, I still want my insta to be kinda fashunnnnn. Hihi. Want to follow just my photography journey, though, I have a new dedicated Insta just for that called: rachelecclestone.

my bangin' Zalando SUNNGLASSES GUIDE [+what's your face shape?]

my bangin' Zalando SUNNGLASSES GUIDE [+what's your face shape?]

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