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Living in Amsterdam  - A Casual Day In My Life - ft. Kipling bags

Living in Amsterdam - A Casual Day In My Life - ft. Kipling bags

lookbook if you scroll down - <3

Functional bags are one of my favourite items to invest in. The more pockets a bag has, the better, so Kipling has me covered this spring. Also, if I can carry more than 2+ bags on me at any time, I’m likely to do it. So combining a fanny pack and backpack is not in the slightest unknown to me - moreover, it’s a daily happening.

My busy life.
Kipling asked me what a day in my life looks like as a professional photographer and content creator. And, well, it’s mental at the moment. I’ve been so busy. Especially photography wise, I’ve been travelling abroad a lot with a sports brand for their EU photoshoots (to photograph) and then coming back to photograph in the weekends for events/parties/festivals, then usually my Sun/Mon/Tuesday’s have been filled with editing - then repeat. And of course, answer emails, do taxes, call my parents, ect - somehow sleep, eat and gym if possible.

This has been my life for the past few months, and boy has it been killing me. So much so that I decided to unfollow everyone on my UrbanTraveller insta and decided to lock certain apps on my phone to reduce wasted time. In line with my busy work schedule, I often need to have my laptop, chargers, (2+) cameras/(5+) lenses, hard disks and emergency clothing/toothbrush with me at (most) times, that’s a lot of pockets. So here’s what a ‘casual’, non-working day in my life looks like.

Please do say hi if you spot a small 160cm girl happily/of semi-stressfully strolling around with a Kipling fanny back, backpack and potentially even a tote bags, because that might be me. And if it’s not that’s a cute interaction, non?

Here’s a mini lookbook on how I style this seasons Kipling’s bags for everyday use and functionality

Kipling 3-12.jpg
Kipling 3-14.jpg
Kipling 3-89.jpg
Kipling 3-90.jpg
Kipling 3-91.jpg
Kipling 3-36.jpg
Kipling 3-33.jpg
Kipling 3-64.jpg
Kipling 3-32.jpg
Kipling 3-63.jpg
Kipling 3-68.jpg
Kipling 3-70.jpg
Kipling 3-75.jpg
Kipling 3-78.jpg
Kipling 3-77.jpg
Kipling 3-73.jpg
Kipling 3-79.jpg
Kipling 3-82.jpg

CMYK: Modelling for The North Face's latest drop

CMYK: Modelling for The North Face's latest drop