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testing natural beauty products

testing natural beauty products

my morning beauty regime

  1. 8.00 am: Drink a litre of water. Because after 8-10 hours of sleep, your body's pretty dehydrated! Be kind to it ;)
  2. 8.05: Jump into the shower, wash - I usually don't wash my hair, but I do wet it jsut a tad, so I can quickly brush my hair with my tangle teaser, honestly, this thing has changed my life. I've always disliked brushinng my hair because it's one big tangled mess, but these things are a godsend. For reals, if there's a way you can get your hands on one, DO. 
  3. 8.20: Put on my fave mud mask (this one's by Hello Body, an all natural mask!) and leave it on while I make breakfast
  4. 8.30: Take off my mask with a washcloth
  5. 8.40: Eat ma breakfast (usually warm oats with cinnamon - YUM)
  6. 8.50: Put on my makeup while listening to my fave Spottify tunes, like this fun playlist which always makes me chipper in the morning: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/3FUxUypvSlpuuQhoC0xKJU
  7. Go and do whatever I need to!

a little more about Hello Body

I usually don't promote a lot of beauty products, as most of them aren't vegan friendly, or i just don't find them that great quality. Buuuut, I recently was asked to review these products by Hello Body - and I can honestly say that I would buy them myself again! 

I especially am a huge fan of the mud mask, and the body lotion, which have an amazing scent, and I can definitely see great results. As you can see with the mud mask, the coverage is really good, if dries relatively quickly and I felt a slight tingling on my skin when I put it on (I usually take this as a good sign). When I took the mask off, I saw that my skin was visibly clearer, less blackheads, and that my skin had a glowy clear effect - that you can see in the pics! As for the lotion, it has a gorgeous scent, and is super hydrating - so perfect for any dry/medium dry skin. Definitely recomment if you're looking to try some new beauty products! 

Early-early Christmas pressies anyone? ;) You can use the 'urbantravellerblog' to get 10% your purchase!

All beauty products from Hello Body* | Tangle Teaser hair brush. 

b r i d g e s

b r i d g e s