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b r i d g e s

b r i d g e s

b r i d g e s

a train of thought


when I told my Amsterdam' friends I'd be living in nieuw-west, they gasped. 

'but...that's so far away!' they'd exclaim.

to the typical Amsterdam'er, i might as well be living in Haarlem, or Utrecht, for that matter. but to me, the 30 minute bike ride racing across the wide canals, over bridges and through tourist dotted parks to the city center feels like a breath of fresh air. a luxury to live so close to the center of such an economic, and creative hub. 

having grown up around the world, in various places and meeting probably just a few too many unfamiliar faces, (primarily norway and the middle east) the closest i ever came to living in the city center was a 20 minute walk plus a 30 minute bus ride. on most days, however, that bus didn't show up on time. and thus, the 45 minute journey would usually become a 60-90 minute waiting game. normality

so, a 30 minute bike ride? long? no. bliss

since having moved here, amsterdam, as with every place i've lived, it's identity seems to have creeped it's way into my sense of fashion.

i've always dressed modestly, a close friend once saying 'rachel, you dress like my grandma', which i actually saw as a compliment, as i'm pretty sure the elderly have had a lifetime to attune their styles. one of my main reasons for dressing 'modestly' is probably because of my early childhood in the middle east, and then having moved to scandinavia, where i was heavily influenced by nomadic styles and long, cold, beautiful walks into the dense norwegian forests and mountainous peaks.

here, in nieuw-west,  it's obvious that there's a large muslim community. which i adore. once again, i have the feeling that i'm in an environment that i don't fully understand, something which actually makes me feel at home. that i'm in a community that is, once again, bringing out my more experimental, yet modest, nomadic clothing style i had once developed in norway. here i chose to wear a 3/4 dress, with a sienna/brown velvet pant. a high neckline, that's accented by a large, silver O zipper and white lines bordering all the edges but the hemline. i don't feel that you need bright colours, or statement jewellery to make an outfit unique. i don't feel that you need to show skin, to be enigmatic or engaging. what i love, is a modest outfit, with unique accents, that shows off a personality through detail and thought. 

what i noticed, as per usual, semi-awkwardly taking these photographs with my tripod and remote, was that the women walking the streets smiled at me, both with, and without hijab. that women, both with, and without hijab took the time to ask me about what i was wearing - mainly revolving around these amazing velvety pants, that they 'just had to get their hands on'. what i love, is allowing room for discussion through clothing, to show that we are all the same, even if it is with something so simple as a piece of cloth. a colossal task, it might seem, but really, it's just an endearing smile away.

 what i love, is b r i d g e s. 


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